How to use the tidal

SailingAlmanac utilises the 'EasyTide' tidal prediction service which only provides tidal data for today and the next six days, which is all that most yachtsmen need. Once you've selected your port in the sailing almanac you're taken directly to the relevant page in Easy Tide, which by default provides the tidal data for the week, including the tidal curves as shown on the right.

The tidal prediction curves can be broken down a day at a time, making them more manageable and easier to read. To do this, you select the graph to show one day at a time (where circled in red) and the prediction curves will look as shown below and each day is be scrolled down the page. Remember, these tidal curves and tide times are for the actual port in question - there is no need to refer to the Standard Port or interpolate the data - simply read off the time against the tidal height on the graph.