FAQs about SailingAlmanac

Is SailingAlmanac an App?
No! It's a web site. Furthermore it's a web site that's been formatted purposely for the small screens used by mobile phones - therefore it looks and behaves just like an App.

Do you have to download anything to use it?
No! Just use it as you would view any other website. Access to the website is completely unrestricted, and because its a web site, it wont take up any of your mobile's valuable storage space.

Is it only for iphone?
No! It can be enjoyed by any touch screen mobile phone, including Android phones, and it can be viewed on ipods and note pads like ipad.

Do I need a special mobile phone?
It must have a touch screen interface and it must be able access the internet.
Most mobile phones have WiFi capability, but you need to be within the short range of an insecure WiFi network. For best access, sign up to a mobile network like 3G with unlimited data roaming over the internet.

Do I have to update anything?
No! Apps require constant updating, this doesn't. Each time you open the site, it'll be automatically updated for you. However, as with any device that uses the internet its imperative to cleanse the software and the device's memory of previous activities and visits to the web. Every week or so, its good practice to clear or delete all your browser's history, cache and cookies. This is usually done within your browser's preferences or settings menu.