item3b - the free portable alternative to Almanacs.

Why pay or subscribe anything up to 50 for a Nautical Almanac covering perhaps the same geographical area, when its all here FREE! and available in your pocket 24 hours a day.

Introducing the UK's only free-2-view portable nautical almanac for suit notepads, ipods and touch screen mobile phones geared for WiFi and/or mobile data networks like 3G.

But is it an App or is it a web site? Well, actually it's a bit of both. It's a micro site that looks and behaves just like a mobile App, but with the advantage, that the information doesn't occupy any of your phone's valuable storage space, and because it's web based the information is automatically updated - therefore no more annoying updates to continuously download. Plus its accessible to ALL (including Android) touch screen mobiles using its web browser. Better still, iphone and ipad users can save the site to the homescreen with a dedicated sailingalamanc App icon.

SailingAlmanac can also be enjoyed by PC and Laptop users, as the pages will automatically expand to suit your screen

Inside the micro site, there's a online Almanac, an Visitors Marina Guide and a comprehensive diary of nautical events.

The Almanac utilises the UKHO's Easy Tide prediction service and the tidal stream atlases are presented in stop animation at hourly intervals, plus there's an extensive list of tidal variations relative to HW Dover. Other information includes a list of Port Radio Stations, National and Local Radio Weather Forecasts, Speed Distance Tables, Dipping Lights, Rules of the Road, VHF Radio procedures, Regulations and much much more. Nav News is particularly useful since it regionalises all the relevant navigational news throughout the UK, informing yachtsmen of what's happening in their area.

The Visitors Marina Guide covers all the marinas in the UK and is pitched with the visiting yachtsman in mind. Each marina is provided with a detailed marina plan locating all the facilities and visitors berths. A short narrative of each marina is also complimented with the approaches and any special berthing procedures. Both the short stay and overnight berthing rates for visitors are provided and should one wish to book ahead for a berth then there's no need to fumble for phone numbers or email addresses since both methods of contacting the relevant marina office are linked to a hot-key.

The Events is a comprehensive diary of all events nautical from Boat Shows, Second-Hand Boat Shows, Boat Jumbles, Regattas and Rallies etc.

The SailingAlmanac covers all of the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands, and in the not too distant future the Marina Guide will penetrate into Northern Europe and Med, and the Almanac will feature an online First-Aid Guide plus some useful fault-finding tips.

Portability is definitely the way ahead for Almanacs and on this note, there are clearly great opportunities for advertising in the SailingAlmanac. Because we're providing a mobile service, we can achieve what no one else can do. We can carry your message directly to people's pockets rather than in a closed book on a book shelf somewhere, thus providing your trade with much more publicity and exposure. When advertising with Sailing Almanac we can program the Ads to do whatever you want, and because most mobiles have access to the internet, email, and phone networks we can direct customers to respond to your Ad either by sending them to your web site, or to the email address or phone number of your enquiries or sales desk.