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24 hour

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About the Marina

A very busy harbour and marina at the best of times, and Weymouth is arguably the gateway to the west country for those trekking west bound. There are of course two marina complexes in Weymouth and this is council run municipal facility of Weymouth Harbour. It has visitors berths in the outer harbour (The Cove) situated in the heart of the old town and during peak season expect to be rafted up four or five deep. If you are westward bound and you want to catch the 5am tide around the Bill, it's a good idea to let this be known so that you’re rafted on the outside. Weymouth is a typically English Victorian seaside town with a fantastic sea front and a constant smell of fish and chips in the air. Angling and fishing is the local economy and leisure activity here, as every yard of the quayside and the harbour walls has a fishing line dangling from it. For the atmosphere and the night life etc, you really need to be on the Custom House Quay beneath the RDYC if possible, otherwise from The Cove its a short walk around via the lifting bridge.

Fast Cat ferries run frequently from here to the Channel Islands and the frequent intercity trains from Weymouth can reach London in just over two hours.

Marina Approaches

The tides within Weymouth Bay are generally weak and entry into the harbour is pretty straight forward. There's no fairway buoy or buoyed channel, and the entry itself is simply the channel between the two piers, but be aware of the large Condor ferries. Take note of the IPTS signals about half way along the South Pier - if in doubt call ‘Weymouth harbour’ on VHF Ch12. There is also a rowing ferry, which has right of way, and runs between the Weymouth SC and the Customs House Quay.

By night, the approach to the harbour is assisted by a pair of red flashing leading lights on bearing 239° located about half a cable east of the Weymouth SC.

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