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Ch 80

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HW-1.5 to HW+2.5

Berthing Rates

short stay:
£6.13 (4 hours)

£2.14 per metre

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YHA Rating

not rated


60 berths

well stocked

240V, 16/30A


24 ton

card entry

card entry

£2 wash £1 dry


8am to 4pm

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About the Marina

This part of the Bristol Channel is fringed by rugged ironstone cliffs with rocky sea beds that continue well into the Channel, making anchoring in many areas almost impossible. Therefore, Watchet’s small harbour and marina is one of only a few that can provide shelter to yachtsmen and the like along this coast. The harbour was originally built to ship out the iron ore from the local mines, before turning to importing wood for the local paper mill. The marina opened in 2001 and provides 180 permanent pontoon berths for residents and 60 visitors berths for vessels up 24m LOA. Almost everything one needs is within walking distance, including shops, pubs, restaurants and an abundance of local attractions. In audible shot of the marina is the West Somerset Railway which runs for 20 miles between Taunton and Minehead and passes right through Watchet.

Marina Approaches

Like everything along the Bristol Channel, timing is all important due to the strong tides. The foreshore is continuous rock that dries for at least 1/2 mile offshore, so entry into the harbour and the marina is about ±2hrs HW. Visitors are requested to call VHF Ch80 (7 days a week, office hours) at approx 1Nm off the entrance to request a berth. The passage into the harbour is pretty straight forward however what confuses many visiting yachtsmen is the lighthouse on the end of the West Pier. Though displaying a green light (Occ.G.3s), the lighthouse is actually painted red in order to make it stand out against the background of green fields and trees. The marina entrance is automatically controlled by a gate which drops down when the tide level reaches that of the marina and there are traffic lights through the narrow 8m entrance. The lights consist of 3 red and 3 green lights:

red red red: do not proceed

green green green: proceed with caution

On entry into the marina, if your halted by the lights, or if you're waiting for the marina gate to open, you're requested to circle inside the outer harbour to avoid collisions.

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