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< 15m: £8.00 (4hrs)

<12.5m: £3.32 per m

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About the Marina

With its palm trees and features of Monaco, Torquay is often referred to as the English Riviera. It was the Victorians who built Torquay and at its peak they'd rail road tens of thousands of visitors every year to this cosmopolitan seaside town. Decades later, this strategy of mass tourism inevitably brought the wrong sorts of people into the town, and Torquay had a problem of tacky tourist shops, lager louts, drugs and crime. By 2004 and at a cost of £21M, Torquay had a cosmetic face lift. The once muddy and smelly inner harbour is no more - as the water is retained by a sill - and the harbour entrance is spanned by a lifting footbridge. More tasteful tourist attractions have been installed, and MDL’s marina has helped play a part in improving the image of the town.

Unique to most other MDL marinas on the south coast, it has 60 dedicated berths for visitors - more if resident berth holders are away at the time. The harbour is sheltered from all points of the compass, and because of this it can absorb, within reason, yachts seeking shelter from neighbouring Brixham when the wind’s blowing in from the NW.

Just like Brixham, this marina functions primarily as a berthing marina only, with no support services for yachts at all. However being a popular location for rallies and other events it has a Pavilion Shopping Centre on site - a beautifully restored Edwardian building which houses a chandlery, cafes, restaurant bar, newsagents and basic supplies.

Marina Approaches

Head for the prominent white building ‘The Princess Theatre’ at the inshore end of the Princess Pier, and keep it in line with the north/south section of the Princess Pier. This heading will take you close to the starboard hand buoy (QG) which is about 200m off the Haldon Pier head. Heading east into the harbour, the visitors pontoons can be seen immediately to the north of the harbour entrance. Report here on VHF Ch 80 or tel 07764 175611 for availability and instructions

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