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Ch 80

Call Sign

'Portishead Quays Marina'


HW ±4

Berthing Rates

short stay:
not offered

£2.25 per metre

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well stocked

240V, 16/30A


24 hours

35 ton

£1 deposit

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About the Marina

Portishead Quays Marina holds a strategic position in the Bristol Channel. Located near to Bristol's historic harbour and to the impressive Cardiff Bay, the marina is also important for accessing the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.

The marina has excellent road links due its to close proximity to the M5 motorway and the national intercity rail network is just 5 miles away at Bristol's main terminus.

This is a relatively new marina (2001) and forms an integral part of the award winning Port Marine Development and Portishead Quay is arguably one of the best equipped marinas in the South West. There are some 230 fully served pontoon berths locked inside an old historic dock and neighbouring facilities include a Leisure Centre, numerous pubs, restaurants and a few local shops.

The marina does have an arrangement with a nearby Waitrose store where you're shopping can be delivered to your boat.

Marina Approaches

There are two big issues with the Bristol Channel, and that’s Commercial Shipping and the range and flow of tide. Under normal conditions, for a vessel 1.5m draft, the lock will give access ±3.5 hours HW. It is essential that vessels arrive within this tidal window as there are no holding facilities outside the marina entrance.

Due to the busy ports of Avonmouth and Portbury, there is a busy shipping Lane called the ‘King Road’ that shadows the southern coast line of the Bristol Channel. Yachts and small craft are therefore asked to keep inshore or offshore of the King Road. Yachts making for the Portishead Quays from anywhere along the southern shores of the Bristol Channel should use the inshore route of the King Road and yachts arriving from the Welsh Coast, the North or the Irish Coast should approach using the offshore route, first making for the SCM Denny Shoal, VQ(6)+LFl.10s and then cross the King Road at right angles at this point passing between the pair of SHBs, Firely, Fl(2)G and OUter, FlG.5s to enter the Portishead Pool or Waiting Area. When navigating the Bristol Channel, all vessels should listen on VHF Ch 12, callsign ‘Bristol VTS’ for reports on all traffic movements. Once inside the Waiting Area call the marina on VHF Ch80 call sign "Portishead Quays Marina" for advise on the next available lock.

The marina is approached from the NW, the entrance of which is marked by a green isophase light at the end of a pier. The lights and procedures for the locks are:

RED RED RED (vert): vessels shall not proceed and are requested to keep clear of the lock gates.
GREEN WHITE GREEN (vert): vessels may proceed on instruction from Marina Control.

Visitors are asked to book outward bound locks, and you can do this up to one week in advance. Outward bound locks will run on the hour and half past the hour with hourly intervals at the beginning and end of the tide. Inbound locks will run quarter to and quarter past the hour with hourly intervals at the beginning and end of the tide.

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