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Ch 80

Call Sign

'Noss Marina'



Berthing Rates

short stay:
£15.00 (4hours)

£2.37 per metre

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YHA Rating

not rated


240V, 16/30A

10 ton

1£ coins

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code entry


9am to 8pm

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About the Marina

This is the former site of the Philip & Son Shipyard and plans are afoot to regenerate this site into a marine academy, £12m worth of affordable housing and a 5 star hotel with a cafe, restaurant and health spar. In addition, the marina will be expanded with four times the number of berths currently available and there will be marina-related retail shops on site.

In the meantime Noss Marina provides 180 fully serviced pontoon berths for vessels up to 20m LOA, plus there are 50 fore-n-aft moorings in the middle reaches of the river. It‘s a peaceful marina in a rural location to the north of town on the east bank of the river Dart, however there is a water taxi operated by the harbour authorities that can ferry you into town within a few minutes. To bring the town nearer to your boat, there’s even a grocery service to your boat upon request. The evenings are particularly peaceful, especially when the sun sets over the Old Mill Creek opposite the marina where you can watch waders such as herons and curlews feeding on the mad flats.

Marina Approaches

Dartmouth is a deep, sheltered river that’s quite straightforward and easy to enter. The approach is from SSE, leaving the green Castle Ledge Buoy to starboard and the red Homestone Buoy to port. Two south-cardinal buoys guard the dangers on the east side of the approaches around the Mew Stone.

Opposite Kingswear Castle leave the red Checkstone Buoy to port, steer through the narrows and follow the river upstream. Opposite Bayard’s Cove, watch out for the Lower Ferries and give them a wide berth. The ferry floats are towed alongside with tugs and they need room to manoeuvre. The Higher Ferry, half a mile further up, is paddle-driven on cables that sink down behind it, so wait to pass at least 50m astern. Dart Marina is just beyond the Higher Ferry on the western shore.

About 5 cables beyond the Higher ferry on the east bank is the Noss Marina.

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