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24 hour

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scaleable charge

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250 berths

£3.50 per hr


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5 ton

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About the Marina

Yarmouth is typically Isle of Wight. Its a quiet, laid back and sleepy sort of town and despite all this its one of the most popular weekend destinations in the Solent. Yarmouth is a place to escape and unwind from the rigours of work and most weekenders call in for the fine food and atmosphere that all the pubs, restaurants and Hotels that Yarmouth has to offer. Besides the weekend yachtsman, those setting off from the Solent towards the West Country are bound to call into Yarmouth since its the nearest and most convenient waiting pontoon for negotiating the tides through the Hurst Narrows.

Yarmouth started out, probably as a fishing settlement in 991 before finding itself on the front line during the 100 years war with France. The castle guarding the harbour was built in the 1540s to defend the town, and the castle is open to the public today. Like most ports and Harbours around the UK, the Victorians really built the harbour of Yarmouth that we see today, and in 1930 the harbour was formed into a Trust Port. The Harbour Commissioners are made up of stakeholders, who are generally all those who use the port and have an interest in its operation, and any surplus money is reinvested for the benefit of the port. The most recent investment is the completion of the Phase 4 development of the harbour which includes a new layout of the harbour with walk-ashore facilities from the pontoon berths in the middle of the harbour. Those visitors unlucky enough not be billeted on these new facilities, can still use the harbour’s water taxi service to shore between 0700 and 2330 - call VHF Ch 15 or tel: 07969 840173. Also included in this recent development is a loading pontoon adjacent to the South Quay and new ladies toilet and shower facilities.

Marina Approaches

Since access to Yarmouth is dependant upon the direction of the tide, the arrival of visiting yachts is often frantic and predictable. The Harbour Master is used to this, and generally you'll be greeted by the harbour master's launch just inside the breakwater where you'll be quickly allocated your berth. You can call the HM on VHF Ch 68 for availability of berths or RED flags are flown from both the end of the ferry jetty and the pier and ‘Harbour Full’ notices are illuminated at night, on each side of the harbour entrance.

250 visitors berths are available, and depending on one's size you'll be allocated either a mid harbour pontoon berth or a walk ashore pontoon berth. Otherwise there are 38 visitors’ moorings in the Yarmouth Roads. If you are squeezed out of the harbour and you're an affiliated member of the Royal Solent YC, you can ask for one of their visitors moorings on the east side of the pier.

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