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About the Marina

Strictly speaking this wouldn't normally be categorised as a marina but its popularity, role and importance in the local area justifies it to be classified as such. For any visiting yachtsmen passing Portsmouth's Naval Docks and heading inland, you have a choice of forking right up the laborious winding channel towards the high night life of Port Solent Marina, or fork left up Fareham Creek for a quiet night on a pontoon berth at WicorMarine. It's a decision that's proving to be quite popular with visitors since its quieter, there's 24H access with no lock to negotiate and it's half the price! All the pontoon berths have enough water to accomodate a yacht up to 15m LOA, and a 2m draft at all states of the tide, and if you wish to go ashore there's a huge dinghy landing/pontoon at the end of the jetty. There are a few fully serviced walk-ashore berths on the jetty just inshore of the dinghy pontoons, but there's much less water under the keel here. There are no dedicated visitors berths however visitors can be offered berths when residential berth holders are away at the time.

Opened in 2013 is the 'Salt Cafe' which serves breakfast and lunch 10am-4pm Tues to Sat with a cuisine that's best summed up as 'soul food'. Local beer and wine is available during licensed hours. During the summer season the service is extended out onto their wooden decked patio to provide alfresco dining with spectacular views across Fareham Creek with Portsmouth in the distance. A take away service is also provided for hungry yachtsmen who may be working on their boats. Indeed during the winter months this is a very busy and popular place for owners to lay-up their yachts who enjoy the vast area of hard standing spaces and all the support services that's required and located on campus.

Investment into this marina is progressive and as this marina evolves I'd expect the jetty to link up with the starboard hand line of pontoons at some point in the future, or a rope ferry may be created as a short term solution. Either way, I sense the pontoons will reach the shore via the jetty some time soon.

Marina Approaches

The channel up Fareham Creek is well marked, however not all the beacon piles are lit. As you approach the prominent Bedenham Pier on the PHS, you should see a solitary mid river pontoon in front of you with a huge Wicor Marine sign on it. This marks the perimeter of the long line of pontoon berths which extends all the up Fareham Creek.

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