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Ch 80

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HW ±3

Berthing Rates

short stay:
not offered

£2.15 per metre

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not rated


240V, 16/30A

£1 coins

24 hrs

20 ton

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About the Marina

The marina is managed by Premier Marinas and the sheltered harbour offers visitors a quiet and peaceful stay. Despite being out on a limb, the marina’s surprisingly got a lot to offer, and its saviour here is a handy bus service, run by First Hampshire Buses which shuttles to and from Portsmouth via the Southsea water front. The marina’s focal point is its on-site restaurant bar ‘The Bombay Bay’ which as you might have guessed is an Indian restaurant which offers a variety of modern and contemporary dishes as well as popular brands of Indian beers. For repairs and other yacht support services there’s a limited range of independent marine operators from engineering to rigging. The nearest convenience store is about a mile away in Eastney and it has a cash point in the store which can only be accessed during its opening hours (6am to 7pm).

Marina Approaches

Langstone Harbour is a huge natural harbour accessed through a narrow entrance, which means on the full ebb, the tide races through the narrows like a breached dam. Therefore best avoid arriving on the ebb tide, and the recommended times for arrival is from -3hrs HW to +1hrHW. The marina is tucked behind the drying bank on the port hand side as you enter Langstone Harbour. Call the marina on VHFCh80 call sign ‘Southsea Marina’ for availability and berthing instructions. The entrance to the Southsea Marina Channel is just past the Hayling Ferry pontoon at the end of the drying bank and a marked channel guides you to the marina entrance. Note, only the port hand beacon piles are lit, and the channel is dredged to 0.5m below chart datum and vessels with a draft in excess of 1.5m should not use the channel at ±2hrs LW.

Traffic Light Signals:
The marina entrance has an automatic tidal gate that rises and falls according to the actions of the tides, and the traffic lights at the gate doesn’t quite conform to the logic that some might expect. Th
e tidal gate system automatically maintains a constant 2.4m of water in the marina and at the top of the flood tide the marina is ‘free flow’ for traffic! The red and green lights at the tidal gate indicates if the tidal gate is up or down - THEY ARE NOT USED TO CONTROL TRAFFIC!

RED - means the tidal gate is up. No access
GREEN - means the tidal gate is down. Access is allowed and note there’s a tidal gauge both inside and outside the marina indicating the water clearance above the gate.

Channel Is
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