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Ch 37, 80

Call Sign

'Salterns Marina'


24 hour

Berthing Rates

short stay:
1/3 overnight rate

10m:£39, 12m:£45

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well stocked

240V, 16/30A

5 ton

45 ton

24 hour

fuel pontoon

£1 coin

code entry

code entry

£1 coins

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About the Marina

Salterns Marina lies just inside the lee of the famous Sandbanks Split which is famed for being the most expensive area for real estate in Europe - houses looking out over Poole Bay easily fetch £7M! Poole Harbour claims to be the second largest natural harbour in the world and just under half of it is protected by the National Trust. Before the 70’s, moorings within the harbour reached saturation point, so when the Salterns Marina opened in 1974 it provided plenty of room for everyone. However, long before marina berthing was fashionable the marina was the former site of the Harbour Yacht Hotel & Harbour Yacht Club, which also doubled as the reception and terminal building for Imperial and British Airways. In 1934 the British Government insisted that all mail for the British Empire would be flown by Imperial, for the same price as posting mail within the UK. 28 Sandringham flying boats carrying 24 passengers regularly flew from here using the current North Channel as a runway. Flying ceased in 1958 and L.C. Smith of Matchbox Toys took over the site in 1969 to build the marina and the Poole Harbour Yacht Club. The marina has 285 berths including 75 swinging moorings and the marina can accommodate boats up to 20m LOA. Visitors berthing is dependant upon berth holders being away at the time, however if you are allocated on of the swinging moorings, there is a free launch service to and from the marina.

Although Salterns is the closest marina to the open water, its also the furthest away from the town of Poole. However this is easily offset by the fact that its a Blue Flag achiever and a winner of 5 Gold Anchors. The marina is surrounded by four friendly yacht clubs and numerous hotels and restaurants, and a mile away is the famous Sandbanks beach which has constantly achieved its Blue Flag status. A further mile away is the Sandbanks chain ferry which will take you to the National Trust beach of Studland Bay.

Marina Approaches

Entry to the marina from Poole harbour entrance should be made through the 'North Channel' which starts at the ‘Bell’ SCM about 4 cables east of Brownsea Island. The channel is marked by port and starboard hand buoys and the marina entrance channel lies opposite the No.36 port hand buoy.

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