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About the Marina

The marina is owned and run by the transport and logistics company Itchen Marine Towage Ltd, so naturally you'll find quite a few tugs and towing craft moored here. The marina is very open and honest of the fact that it doesn't really cater for visitors, however should a visitor call in need of a berth they won't turn you away. Visitors are so rare to this marina, they don't really have a pre-prepared berthing rate, so don't be surprised to receive quite a cheap off-the-cuff quote. The outer pontoon berths have around 3m of water which reduces to about 1.2m on the inner pontoons.

Being situated amongst the industrial and aggregate wharfs of Southampton, its doubtful that visitors would come here out of choice, but more of a case of necessity should the Shamrock Quay, Ocean Village or Kemps Marina be full. The managerial staff are very accommodating and friendly and although the toilet and shower facilities are limited, they are functional and clean. The marina office is very unique an easily identified since its a blue tug boat wheel house raised on a high staging platform at the top of the shore access ramp. The marina has a very popular fuel berth on the outer pontoon and boasts to have the cheapest fuel prices on Southampton Water. There's no VHF watch to hail the fuel attendant, but the staff keep an eye on the fuel berth from the marina office.

There're no shops to speak of nearby for provisions and the like, however the Southampton City Buses regularly stop off by the road entrance to the marina and will take you into town within 10 minutes or so. If your're a keen football fan, the marina is almost in the shadows of the St. Mary's Stadium of Southampton FC which has hosted the odd England international during the troubled times when the new Wembley Stadium was being rebuilt.

Immediately over on the opposite shores of the Itchen once stood the world famous Supermarine Factory which produced the Spitfire. It was heavily bombed by the Germans during WW2 forcing almost full production to move up to the Castle Bromwich factory, and there is a memorial to the Supermarine factory close to the shore. Also, if you follow the road from the marina entrance to the roundabout at the end of the Itchen road bridge, you'll come across the Southampton Hall of Aviation. The museum is dedicated to the memory of RJ Mitchell who designed the Spitfire, and inside the museum is a Spitfire Mk 23, and a Sandringham Flying boat with cockpit tours on request.

Marina Approaches

The marina is about a mile north of the junction of the Rivers Test and Itchen, and its just beyond of the Itchen road bridge. Coastal commercial traffic uses this stretch of the water quite frequently, so keep well to the starboard side of the Itchen and cross swiftly towards the marina.

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