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HW ±2.5

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£2.60 per metre

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Duver Marina

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240V, 16/30A



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About the Marina

During the 1600s, the principal port on the River Yar was well inland at Brading. The Victorians then built a railway embankment across the river and reclaimed all the land upstream of it, and thus we have what we see today - the man made harbour of Bembridge. The railway along the embankment has now been replaced by a road which now forms the harbour's esplanade. Its distinctive feature is that its lined with house boats, mostly converted wartime MTBs, each of them decorated with there own distinctive floral objet d'art. In 2012 the harbour went under new ownership and its hoped to see new fresh ideas and much needed investment. Some of these ideas will include extra pontoons for visitors. Bembridge has two marinas to speak of: the Bembridge Marina run by the harbour office and the Duver Marina (Sometimes known as Finlay’s Yard) which is a privately run marina. Visitors rates are £2.40 per mtr during week days, and rise to £2.60 per mtr over weekends. The Bembridge Marina is tucked away in the far SW corner of the harbour. Its compact, awkward to manoeuvre, and therefore isn't as obliging or receptive to visitors as the centrally located Duver Marina. If it wasn’t for the water taxi service, the Duver Marina would be rather detached from the amenities of St Helens and Bembridge. The harbour is very popular at weekends mainly because of the leisure facilities on offer. Sand dunned beaches, BBQ areas, and a wide variety of restaurants and pubs make Bembridge a popular destination for Solent based yachtsmen. The IOW is also fine walking country and some of the best walks that the island has to offer can be found around Bembridge. At LWS one can walk all the way out to St.Helens Fort.

Marina Approaches

The mile long approach channel starts at the tide gauge north of St Helens Fort and shows the depth of water in the shallowest part of the channel. The channel is well marked by a series of port and starboard hand buoys, However beware the dog leg off St Helens Old Church. Vessels are not advised to attempt entry on the ebb tide since the tide races through the narrow channel at a rate of knots - made evident by the steep cuts in the sandy banks. During busy weekends its advisable to call the Harbour Office when approaching the tide gauge.

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