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Ch 12

Call Sign

'Peel Harbour'


HW ±2

Berthing Rates

short stay:
not offered

£2.20 per metre

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YHA Rating

not rated


15 berths


240V, 16/30A


9am to 1pm

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card entry

90 ton

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About the Marina

Traditionally a fishing port, Peel remains the most active fishing port on the Isle of Man and is home to the traditional art of kipper curing. Peel’s striking feature is its ancient castle overlooking the entrance to the inner harbour which also features the award-winning House of Manannan heritage centre, open all year round to visitors.

A water retention scheme was completed 2005, incorporating an automatically operated flap gate, retaining a water depth of 2.5m at the cill during periods of low water. A pedestrian swingbridge above the flap gate links the East and West Quays. The gate operates at approximately HW±2, allowing passage through the swing bridge.

In 2009 a new 120 berth marina was built. A huge new investment for the town where about a quarter of the inner harbour at the southern end was reclaimed and turned into a concrete boat park with new ebullitions facilities built in the middle of it. 15 dedicated visitors berths are to be set aside for 2011 and if that's not enough then there's plenty of room against the inner walls of the harbour.

Marina Approaches

Approach from the north, keeping the conspicuous power station chimney at the southern end of the harbour on a bearing of 203°, at night there are two Fl.R.5s lights which line up on 207°. These transits clear a submerged obstruction at the end of the St. Patrick's Isle breakwater.

There are four visitors swing moorings in the bay which double as waiting buoys for the tidal gate into the inner harbour. The gate is operated at approx HW±2, day and night, and there is a simple RED RED RED (vert) and GREEN GREEN GREEN (vert) light traffic signal system through the gate which is automatically timed, or manually operated if its busy. The swing foot bridge which spans the tidal gate is opened by request on VHF Ch 12 - outside office hours the bridge will be operated by remote control from Douglas Harbour Control still using VHF Ch12.

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