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240V, 16/30A

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About the Marina

The Walton Yacht Basin is firmly embedded in the far south east corner of the Walton Backwaters and tucked away behind the lee of the Naze.

From the sea. there's no sign of the Backwaters or the yacht basin - just the typical English seaside town of Walton-on-the Naze with its seafront, a fine promenade and an attractive sandy beach. Yet 200m on the flip side of the Naze, it's a completely different world made up of islands, saltings and black fragrant gloopy mud.

The yacht basin is really home to the Walton & Finton Yacht Club and this horse shoe shaped basin can moor up to 60 vessels bows on between pairs of stern buoys and the shoreside staging. It's worth noting that the first 2 hours on the W&FYC quay is FREE! - you'll only see such generosity on the East Coast by the way, and also note the overnight rates are almost halved after the first nights stay.

The walk into the town takes only a few minutes were you’ll find a post office, a Co-op with a cash point, a grocery and a launderette. In addition there a dozen or so pubs and restaurants to choose from which can get popular during the season since there are two huge caravan/portahome sites either side of the town.

Marina Approaches

The marina is located at the head of the Foundry Reach, the start of which is marked by the ‘Marinestore Chandlery’ NSM where you follow the line of moorings and the buoyed channel as far as the marina. At the start of the channel be sure to pass between No.2PHB and No.3 SHB which forces a chicane like manoeuvre. Beyond No.4PHB, the channel dries, so for a vessels with 1.5 m draft, the creek is navigable from -2hrsHW. At No.8 PHB, visitors need to decide whether to lie alongside the Club Quay or carry on into the club’s marina pond. If heading for the Club Quay, pass between the red and green pile posts, being mindful that the red post marks the end of the club’s slipway. If making for the pond, leave all the PHBs to port. At No.12 PHB look a pair of flimsy red and green topped poles which when passing between them guides you through the narrow 12ft wide entrance to the basin. There’s a depth gauge on the left hand side of the entrance marking the depth over the sill, however if there’s a triangular topped pole standing over the centre of the sill, do not enter.

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