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Ch 80

Call Sign

'St. Katherines'


HW ±2

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£4.50 per metre

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About the Marina

St. Katherines or St.Kats, is probably the best known of all London's Marinas and its also the most expensive. St. Kats was heavily bombed during WW2 and never recovered as a commercial dock ever again. The PLA concentrated all future investment at Tilbury leaving St. Kats to fall into decline. In 1970 it was developed into the marina leisure facility that we see today. There are 3 basins within the marina, and visitors could be directed to any one of them. St Kats also runs a policy of banning liveaboards which puts less of a strain on its facilities. There is a fashionable shopping precinct within the campus, but for provisions there is a supermarket towards the eastern end of the marina in Thomas Moore St. A few hundred meters before you arrived at the marina, you may have noticed a black barge on the north bank. A Sanisailor pump-out system is located at the West Dock for vessels with holding tanks. Tokens are available from the Haven Reception. Diesel Fuel and Calor Gas is available from the Thames Refueller barge, 400 metres downstream of the Lock entrance. Call sign "HEIKO" VHF Channel 14 Telephone: 020 7481 1774

Marina Approaches

This section of the river does get quite lumpy, often stirred up by commercial traffic or if there's a strong SW wind. Locking is only when the ±2hrsHW period falls between the hours of 0600 to 2330 (Apr-Oct) and 0800 to 1800 (Oct -Mar: shuts Tues and Wed). Occasionally on small neaps there may only be one lock-in and Lock-out per tide, so best call the marina office on VHF Ch80 callsign 'St Katherines' well in advance.

Despite charts showing a waiting pontoon
- its no longer available. Six yellow waiting buoys are provided instead which I’d avoid using if you value your topsides since these buoys have a highly abrasive painted surface. Although not officially recommended, it's advisable to tie up on the inside of the pier, west of the entrance until asked to move.

Beware the marina staff don’t always use the radio to call boats into the lock - often preferring to wave and shout boats in. If its busy, the general advise is fender up well!

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