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Ch M, 80

Call Sign

'Neptune Marina'


HW ±2.5

Berthing Rates

short stay:
not offered

30ft : £24

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YHA Rating

not rated


240V, 16/30A

marina office

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About the Marina

The Neptune Marina berthing facility is located in the Ipswich Wet Dock at the head of the River Orwell, voted by the RYA as one of the most scenic and picturesque rivers in the country, thus making the marina an ideal base for cruising destinations like the Rivers Deben, Blackwater and the Crouch. The wet dock is a 26 acre sheltered area of deep water controlled by a lock and the marina is situated right on the stimulating environment of the historic Ipswich water front at Neptune Quay and therefore just 10 mins away by foot to the centre of town. The water front itself is a vibrant hub of restaurants, cafes, interesting shops and residential apartments. The marina is owned by the Neptune Marina Group, principally a marine leisure and property management company, and its new tall building occupies an imposing position in the NE corner of the dock and its where most of the marina facilities are housed.

In town you can enjoy the benefits of yet more shops, supermarkets, art galleries, multi cultural restaurants, cinemas, theatres, historical buildings, parklands, swimming pools and fitness gyms. Either by road or by rail, Ipswich benefits from excellent links with London and the Midlands, and by sea the nearby port of Harwich has frequent ferry links to mainland Europe.

Marina Approaches

All inward bound vessels making for the marina should report to the Ipswich Lock Control on VHF Ch 68 before passing under the Orwell Bridge. Vessels will be advised on lock information and the direction of the waiting pontoons if required. At this point you may also call the marina for available berths on VHF Ch 80 call sign 'Neptune Marina'.

Access to the marina is via the Prince Philip Dock, which is protected by flood gates, which may be closed during exceptionally high tides, which means that navigation to the marina will be closed. Entry in and out of the lock is controlled by a traffic light system:

single GREEN light: clear to enter
RED light: no entry

There is free flow through the lock at certain high tides and the traffic signals still apply.

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