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Ch M, 80

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£10.00 (4 hrs)

£2.25 per metre

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240V, 16/30A

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About the Marina

Associated British Ports (ABP) have 21 ports throughout the UK and they also operate within the marine leisure industry by having four marinas at Fleetwood, Ipswich, Southampton Town Quay and two sites here at Lowestoft.

This marina at Hamilton Dock was completed in 2008 and is tucked away at the far north end of Lowestoft Outer Harbour Docks and at the moment its really an annex to the School Road Marina located at the far end of Lake Lothing by the Mutford Lock. Despite its meagre facilities at the moment its going to be a popular marina annex since its saves the hassle of negotiating the lifting bridge and its enjoys the same immediate access to the sea as the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club Marina has at the other end of the Docks. This immediate access to the sea makes it ideal for an overnight stop over when cruising up and down the East Coast, or if setting off to the foreign shores of Belgium, Holland and France.

The marina has 46 berths and can accommodated vessels up to 28m LOA. Being located in the old docks, it obviously benefits from having much better access to the centre of Lowestoft with its numerous shops, restaurants, and a theat
re. Across the lifting bridge is a cinema and a huge Asda supermarket and the mile long Marine Parade along the beach front of Lowestoft.

Marina Approaches

The outlying dangers off Lowestoft are well marked and the safest 'catch all’ to shape up for is the North Newcome Buoy, Fl(4)R.15s. A pair of white painted light towers at the ends of the outer piers marks the entrance into the harbour. All vessels are advised to listen out for Lowestoft Harbour Control, on VHF Ch14. The end of the South Pier has a traffic light which uses IPTS signals:

RED RED RED (vertical): vessels should not proceed.
GREEN WHITE GREEN (vertical): a vessel may proceed only when it has received specific orders to do so.

Vessels making for the Haven Mairina at Hamilton Dock turn to starbard once round the North Pierhead heading northwards through Waveney Dock up to Hamilton Dock.

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