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Ch M, 37, 80

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HW ±4.5

Berthing Rates

short stay:
£5 first hr then £3/hr

up to 30' £18

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not rated




240V, 16/30A

office hours

key £2 deposit

45 ton

key £2 deposit

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About the Marina

Located just inside the mouth of the River Blackwater, the Bradwell Marina lies within striking distance of the Rivers Colne and Crouch and provides a convenient spring board for setting off to the continent. The marina itself is located within Bradwell Creek, which is actually open at both ends, but its the deeper and well marked eastern end thats used to reach the marina.

Privately owned since 1984, the marina provides 300 deep-water berths at all states of the tide and its surrounded with peaceful walks and there’s a smugglers pub just a short stroll away. The River Blackwater is navigable all the way as far a Maldon, famed for its heritage of building traditional Thames Barges.

Marina Approaches

The twin grey square blocks of the Bradwell Nuclear Power Station is the best visible landmark for the vicinity of the marina. About a cable to the SW of the Power Station jetty is the Bradwell Beacon NCM which doubles as a tide pole indicating the depth of water for the creek and marina entrance. A clear line of whithies and day-glow orange buoys mark the channel. About mid way up, you must round close to a starboard hand buoy, and a pair of white triangular leading marks on the eastern shore guides your course towards this buoy. Follow the shoreward side of the line of moorings where the entrance to the marina is marked by red and green piles. Visiting yachts are welcome, and on arrival should berth at the visitors berth marked by a notice board at the end of "A" pontoon. From there they will be directed to a suitable berth by Marina staff.

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